We are Strive Recruitment –

Strive Recruitment have a passion for supporting both job-seekers and employers in their employment needs. All at NO COST!

Strive Recruitment partner with organisations of all sizes and assist them through every step of the recruitment process, from understanding an employers position requirements to supporting job-seekers once they have commenced employment.

Our Clients

Brilliant Team

We have a strong team with 50+ years of combined experience in the recruitment and employment services industry.

HR Support

We can provide advice and support to job-seekers and employers.

Training and Up-skilling

We can assist in training and up-skilling staff through pre-employment programs and traineeships.

On-going Support

We provide on-going support to all stakeholders

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Why Work with Us

5 Principles of Our Work

At Strive customer service is our top priority ensuring that all relevant stakeholders needs are met. Strive are not an Employment Provider but work as an organisation between providers and employers to ensure the right candidates are being referred to employers job vacancies. At Strive we pride ourselves in finding the right candidate for your organisation.

Our Recruitment Process

  • 1. Obtain position information

    We obtain information regarding the specification, employee requirements and all relevant job details

  • 2. Recruit and Shortlist

    We commence sourcing candidates from via database and candidate networks. We then asses and shortlist the best candidates relevant to the position.

  • 3. Client Interview

    We organise an interview between the employer and screened candidates suited to the employers location, date and time.

  • 4. Reference Checks

    Upon request we can conduct reference checks on behalf of the employer.

  • 5. Completion of Paperwork and Inductions

    We assist the successful candidate with completing all the relevant forms, contracts, assessments and inductions.

  • 6. Employ and Support

    The candidate commences employment and Strive provide post-placement support to the employer and employee.

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